Ear Muffs

These are perfect for activities that require part-time hearing protection. Ear muffs should be used when doing stuff like cutting the lawn, using a chain saw, woodworking, target shooting, or hunting. Ear muffs come in kid and adult sizes, so get the right size, it can make all the difference in terms of comfort.

Ear muffs are worn on the head with a band that sits across the crown and ear cups that enclose the outer ears. These ear cups are sealed to the side of the head with foam cushions. Make sure that the cushions have even pressure around the ears and that the ears are completely covered by the ear cups. If you have long hair, remember to pull your hair back from your ears when wearing these!

For even greater protection, wear your ear muffs and ear plugs together!

These Jr. Ear Muffs from Peltor are perfect for even the youngest sports fan!

Here are some ear muffs just for kids! These are Peltor Kid™ Ear Muffs. They are super comfortable and look great.

For older kids these larger ear muffs (or something similar) are suitable for noisy activities and will give you tons of protection as long as they are worn properly.

Pro Hear Ultra -33 NRR

Pro Hear Ultra -26 NRR

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Ear Muffs
These are perfect for activities that require part-time hearing protection.
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