Blockade™ Isolation Earphones

Blockade™ Isolation Earphones are a new product designed to block out unwanted external noise and let in your music. By blocking out the external noise, the volume level of the music can be reduced to a safer level. Often the volume of a personal stereo is set dangerously high because the listener is trying to adjust the loudness to hear the music over the background noise. The background noise might be from a subway, a bus, or even a busy street. If that unwanted noise can be blocked out by the Blockade™ earbuds, then the music does not have to be set at unsafe levels in order to be heard and enjoyed.

Here are the stats:

The Blockade™ offers overall noise protection from dangerous noise in your environment with the 3-flange earbuds. The Blockade™ sets the overall limit of the music to 91dB (which is still well-above recommended listening levels for safe use).

But Buyer Beware:

While these features are helpful, it is critical to be aware that use of a personal listening device should be limited in terms of volume level, which is recommended to be set no higher than 60%, or 2/3 of the maximum volume setting. Use of such devices at higher volume levels should be limited to no more than a few minutes as these louder levels carry a high risk of permanent hearing loss.


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Earphones, headphones, and earbuds can produce loudness levels well above recommended safe listening levels. Safety standards for workers exposed to daily noise levels of 85dBA or greater require that they use some form of hearing protection. There are no standards set for recreational noise exposure, but there are guidelines you can follow. When listening to music through your earbuds, even at your 'most comfortable listening level', you may be putting yourself at risk for permanent hearing loss.

The EarSaver is designed to be worn with any music or gaming device. It will decrease the volume by about 17dB which can help bring the volume to a safe level. It is easy to use and requires no batteries. You can read more details about its use with different types of devices here.

EarSaver Automatic Volume Limiter. (photo courtesy of EarPlug SuperStore)

Be sure to check out the recommended listening guidelines from National Institute of Safety and Health (NIOSH) here.

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