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We have made a list of our favourite websites designed just for kids and teens. There are lots of fun things to see and do, so surf around a bit and check it out!

Warning: Surfing these sites might result in lots of fun. Learning may be a possible side-effect.

Dangerous Decibels™

Anything with the word 'danger' in it just has to be good! This site has a virtual museum with tons of fun activities and games you and your friends can play. This is a 'must see' site!

Jolene Cookbook

If you are looking for an awesome project for a science or art class, or would like to try something different with your scout group, take a look at this. It is a 'cookbook' that shows you how to make your very own 'sound level measurement mannequin'. Jolene was designed by a student and is the first of her kind, so the cookbook is named after her. The Jolene Cookbook is available as a FREE download!

We can testify that this is the real deal. We made Shocque by using this cookbook and boy, does she get attention!

Earbud: "It's how you listen that counts"

This website has lots of downloads on information about protecting your hearing. There are fun quizzes and surveys about noise-induced hearing loss and safe listening habits.

Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers (H.E.A.R.)

This site has lots of stuff for those of you who love music. Dedicated rockers know the importance of protecting their hearing and you can read more about what they have to say.

Sound Sense

Spike and Mike are a couple of real characters! They can show you how to protect your hearing and how to handle peer pressure when it comes to turning it down or wearing ear plugs. Plus, there are some fun animations and links to cool videos.


This site has some great video clips that show you how the ear works and tells more about sound and noise. You definitely won't want to miss this!

It's a Noisy Planet!

Here is a site designed for parents and young kids!

More Stuff
Check out these 'Shocque-Approved' websites for more cool stuff!
Hip™ Quiz
Take this little quiz to see how much you know about noise, hearing loss, and hearing protection. You just might surprise yourself with what you already know!