Facebook Guidelines

Facebook is a great place to meet people you can relate to, and talk to about whatever's going on in your life! It is hoped that you will feel welcome and be willing to share your experiences. The guidelines of our Facebook page are based on common sense and are in place to make sure everyone can enjoy our page.

Here are our 'Guidelines':

Have fun and be yourself.
For your safety, keep name, school, email, phone number, etc. or specifics about your location to yourself. Any information of this nature will be removed by the moderator.
Stay on the thread topic with your comments and opinions. If you would like to change the topic, simply start a new thread.
Abusive, offensive, or inappropriate posts will be deleted without hesitation.
Keep in mind there will always be differences of opinions. Try to remain objective and not personalize issues if at all possible.
You can disagree with others by expressing your opinion without resorting to personal attacks, name calling, slurs, or offensive language.
Ignore those who post rude comments just to get a rise out of everyone (a.k.a. trolls). They are seeking attention. Move on to more constructive conversations.
Review and edit your message before you post it. Make sure your words express the appropriate tone you want to relay. If you are joking, add a ;-).
It is helpful if you do your best to use proper grammar and spelling so that your fellow board members can read your posts easily without having to guess at what you are trying to say.
If conversations get out of hand and others resort to personal insults because of your comments, try not to take it too personally- they don’t know you. When you feel the need to defend yourself, do so politely based on your opinion, not on personal digs. Always take the high road and you will be respected by the other members of the message board.

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