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Do you always want to know what's happening around you? Are you the person in your group of friends that knows what's news around school? Do you always have a question on the tip of your tongue and once that one is out you have another ready to go? If these traits seem familiar, then you might be perfect for journalism.

Journalists have a huge number of choices for a career path. With the expansion of news sources on the Internet, options are nearly limitless. Just look at your daily paper and see how many areas of life you could write about: sports, news, entertainment, business and of course, you could let the world know your opinion about any given topic on the editorial pages!

Have a look at this interview with Steve McLean, resident writer for Tune In Music News as well as a journalist for many other publications during his career that has spanned over twenty years!

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Connect sits down with Steve Mclean, a Journalist, for an interesting and informative interview.

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