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When you graduate from high school, are you thinking of enrolling in a college or technical program? Do you enjoy science and technology? Are you interested in helping other people? Have you considered a career in teaching? Have you ever wanted to own your own business? If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, then you will find this month's career highlight interesting:

A career as a Hearing Instrument Specialist (HIS) offers a variety of opportunities that can open many doors. This profession combines anatomy, science, technology, psychology, and business in a way that will allow you to create a career that fits you and your dreams. The job conditions are great as it involves mostly working indoors in a medical/office setting, during regular business hours, which means no shift work!

If you think all of this sounds suspiciously like our previous "Cool Careers" job of an audiologist, you would be right! As is stands now, hearing instrument specialists and audiologists are struggling to keep up with the hearing health care demands for adults as our population is aging. The employment opportunities are terrific and hearing instrument specialists can be found working in a medical/clinical setting, in the hearing aid manufacturing sector, or even teaching at the college level.

Hearing instrument specialists receive nearly the same training as audiologists when it comes to hearing, hearing loss, and hearing aids. Their education is completed at a college program where the goal is to provide applied vocational training to prepare the individual to join in the medical community in this specialized field. The diploma received will prepare the hearing instrument specialist to provide general hearing testing, selection and fitting of hearing aids and assistive devices, as well as counseling for their adult patients or clients. They are also trained to recognize when to refer to an audiologist or physician for more in depth testing if necessary.

Many hearing instrument specialists are very satisfied with their career choice and look forward to the continual challenges of learning new hearing aid technology and in developing long-term relationships with their patients and clients. If you like helping others and are interested in science and counseling, this may be a great career choice for you to consider.

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Connect sits down with Kathleen Jones, a Hearing Instrument Specialist, for an interesting and informative interview.

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