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Have you ever admired a really neat movie poster or some cool album art? Have you ever gone to a concert, event or festival where you live and wondered who made the banners, the posters, or even the buttons? An artist created them. The ads on buses, in the subway, and in the magazines you read were created by an artist. Even the artwork on book covers was created by an artist. Even on the internet, all of the amazing websites were created by artists, by someone with an eye for design. Do you have that eye? Can you think outside the box? If so, maybe a career in the visual arts and design is for you. The possibilities are endless and you are only limited by your imagination.

Visual media, graphic arts, and design are used to inform, persuade, and motivate us. It is a field of study where you will learn to think critically and sharpen your problem solving skills. You will learn to communicate visually as you use different tools and media to get your message across. Are your drawn to creative work and do you feel compelled to spend time on these activities? Would you like to learn about drawing, painting, and photography? Are you interested in metalwork, woodwork, paper, or ceramics? Do you have an interest in animation, digital and/or video imaging? A career in art might be worth looking into. You might be surprised at what you find.

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