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» Camp Counselor at a Magic Camp

Do you like being outside and being around kids? Do you like singing songs, playing games and campfires? If so, camp counselor might be the perfect job for you. If you like all of these things AND magic, then becoming counselor at a magic camp could very well be your dream job.

Being a camp counselor is great way to get job experience during summer holidays, and can give you an idea of what kind of career you'd like to pursue in the future. If you enjoy working with kids, maybe you'd like being a teacher. If you like working in the camp kitchen, maybe you should be a chef. You could pursue a job in landscape design or forestry if you like working outside. The possibilities are endless...and working at a summer camp can be a lot of fun!

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Connect sits down with Amy Umpleby, a camp counselor, for an interesting and informative interview.

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