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For decades, sports journalism was viewed as a rather fluffy add-on to what was considered the “real” news. However, in the past twenty years, sports journalism has become a key component of broadcast (TV, online and radio) and print media.

Obviously, if you’re interested in sportscasting, you must have a deep appreciation for the history, culture and practice of several different sports. It is also important to become a practiced hand in the basic elements of good journalism, including writing, research and the ability to think critically about your subject, even if that means criticizing your favourite basketball team publicly.

Sports broadcasting covers a broad range of skills, positions and areas of expertise. Sports media as a career can involve print, broadcast, online and multimedia reporting, necessitating writers and reporters, video and print editors, as well as on-air “talent” (such as radio and television hosts). Several university and college broadcasting and journalism programs offer courses in sports journalism within larger journalism and radio/TV broadcasting programs respectively. However, Centennial and Loyola Colleges in Ontario have started to offer one-year post-graduate certificate programs focusing on sports journalism.

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