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Itinerant Teacher

Itinerant teachers play an essential role in keeping deaf and hard-of-hearing students successful, happy and on track in mainstream schools. Typically, they work out of a school board and are assigned students to assist them in a variety of ways, from helping with schoolwork and advising on those big educational decisions, to working with their families and advocating for students when they need it.

It takes a remarkable person to become an itinerant teacher, mostly because they wear so many hats in this busy role. Not only are they licensed teachers with undergraduate university degrees, but have a certificate in special education for the deaf and hard of hearing as well. In addition, expertise in American Sign Language (ASL) is obviously a necessity.

Here are some of the tasks associated with the job of an itinerant teacher:

  • Provide school and home (if required) visits, based on the student’s needs.
  • Be knowledgeable in the experiences and struggles particular to deaf and hard-of-hearing students.
  • Assist other teachers in understanding deafness and hearing loss, and what role these factors have in educational and social settings.
  • Provide parents and teachers with specific techniques to ensure the student’s educational needs are met.
  • Help modify lesson plans to best serve the students.
  • Evaluate the students and keep progress reports on their successes and areas for improvement.
  • Act as a mentor and source of support for the students in areas of personal growth.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Ronda Boyle, an itinerant teacher with the Halton Catholic District School Board who is hard-of-hearing. Ronda decided in high school to become a teacher, then attended Lakehead University’s concurrent education program. Following graduation, she headed to Toronto to receive her specialist training. Check out the interview here.


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