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Have you read our newest Cool Careers article? It’s an interview with John Hancock, a national sports broadcaster with CBC Radio. He knew that he wanted to be a sportscaster when he was very young. Do you know what you want be? Tell us about the career you think you want to pursue, and why for your chance to win a $40 Cineplex gift card

Congratulations to Madeleine for winning our Cool Career’s contest. She won a $40 Cineplex gift card. Here is Madeleine’s winning entry:

The best career I could have would be a horse vet. I love animals, especially horses, and keeping them healthy is so important! If I get my own horse someday I would want to keep it as happy as possible. I would also want to be a naturalist and help save the world. We're only given 1 world, we have to take care of it. The safety of the world is a major concern of mine, and I hope everyone elses. My dream would be if everyone worked together and saved the world.