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Contest: One of the bestselling English novels of the 20th century is “The Catcher in the Rye” by J.D Salinger with approximately 65 million dollars in sales. This novel deals with identity issues, connection with others and alienation. In 50 words or less can you tell us about your favourite book of all time and why for your chance to win $40.00 gift card at Chapters.

Congratulations to our winner! Haley won a 40.00 gift card to Chapters. Happy reading Haley!

My favorite book is called 'The Summer I Turned Pretty.' I bought it last week and I read it in one day because it was so good. It's about a girl named Isabelle, Belly for short, and she goes to a beach house in Cousins for the summer ever since she was born. She has a crush named Conrad who lives in the same beach house as Belly, Belly's mother and Belly's brother. I enjoy this book because I really love reading books about teenagers and their boyfriends or crushes, it entertains me.