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Summer Job Contest

Check out the winning entry!

Do you have a summer job? Do you enjoy it? If you could have any summer job at all, what would it be? Tell us about your dream summer job for your chance to win a $40 Chapter’s gift card.

Congratulations to our winner! Kèven won a $40 gift card to Chapters. Enjoy!

Hi, my name is Kèven and I am 15 years old. I don’t work yet but I am looking for a summer job that I can do given my “uniqueness” – I don’t like to say difference.

I would like to work in an environment where there are video games like a store where you can rent or buy video games because I know a lot about them and love them. I also like to read and write hence why I am participating in the contest. My mother often tells me, laughing, that I am her little library rat. I could also work in a library but I think I would have a hard time in that environment because we need to whisper all the time... I prefer video games anyway.