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Winter Sports

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Contest: The world's best winter sports athletes will be travelling to Vancouver soon to participate in the 2010 Winter Olympics. Some of the most popular sports at the Winter Olympics are hockey, figure skating, skiing and snowboarding. Do you have a favourite winter sport? Tell us why it's your favourite in 50 - 100 words for a chance to win a $40.00 Chapters gift card.


My favourite winter sport is ice hockey because there is a lot of action in ice hockey and it is very exciting. Ice hockey is a part of the Olympics. It is when the best players from each country are picked to represent their country in ice hockey. I watched the gold medal game on TV and Canada won the gold over USA. My favourite players on Team Canada were Sidney Crosby, Drew Doughty and Jonathon Toews. I play ice hockey every Saturday and I want to be a great hockey player just like them someday!

Toronto, Ontario